Mother Jane’s Retirement

A Letter from the Senior and Junior Wardens

September 12, 2017

Hello Fellow Congregation Members,

First and foremost, we would like to congratulate Mother Jane on her decision to retire at the end of this year. As you are aware she has spent many years assisting individuals first as a nurse then as a Pastor. Though the last eleven years of her career as our Rector is what we appreciate the most, her entire career has been a blessing!

So, what does this mean for us as a congregation? Change! We know, we have stated the one thing that most church members hate the most. Having said that, sometimes change is good! As an example, Jim George remembers fondly a childhood pastor who stated he would not start the service unless everyone got up and moved to a different seat. He loved the effect of seeing people in a completely different spot. That reminder is still powerful to Jim today and relevant to our current situation. We are having our pastor change seats and we will initially be uncomfortable with that change, but we will adjust and move forward together as a parish family.

This change may be scary at first, but as your Wardens, we assure you that the vestry and the Chicago Diocese are supportive of Mother Jane. We will also work to make this transition as smooth as possible. Either way, we will pull together as a parish family, we will pray, and we will continue our big mission to serve Grayslake to further God’s work in this world.

At this point, we don’t know when we can expect to have our next Rector on staff, but we will have all our services staffed with supply priests and ultimately an interim minister who will guide us through the search process with the help of the Chicago Diocese. in the coming months, we will be communicating the progress at all the services. In the meantime, job one is celebrating Jane’s service at St. Andrew! Please join us December 10, 2017 for a parish wide celebration. Further details will be provided over the next few weeks.

Finally, let’s take the next three months to go out of our way to let Mother Jane know how much we appreciate what she has done for St. Andrew. Please also pray and think about what qualities you would like in our next Rector. Please contact either of us, or any of the Vestry to discuss this process further. We have come a long way with Jane’s pastoral care and we know God has a plan for this parish.

Mike Rollins, Senior Warden
Jim George, Junior Warden