Where We Go From Here

Jim George

Jim George

Message from Incoming Senior Warden Jim George

For some reason, in the north, as winter settles in, we start to think of white sand beaches and long walks with the feel of the sand between our toes. I’m sure this year is no different, but it will be.

Borrowing from the famous poem, as I look back as St. Andrew Church over the past years, there have been two sets of footprints in the sand, but now, there is only one. Though we start the year without Mother Jane leading the church with God, we always have God with us and carrying us. I want to begin the year by again thanking Mother Jane and my predecessor, Mike Rollins, for all the countless hours that they gave to our church. Their love and kindness have allowed us to mend and grow as a church.

So where do we go from here? I say we jump in the sand and get some between our toes. The year ahead will be challenging, but it will also be exhilarating. Working together as a whole, we will be able to get through this transition, but it will take work. If you have the ability, any extra effort you are willing to give to the church will be greatly appreciated. There is no effort that I want to leave unappreciated—from the simplest, making coffee on Sundays, to helping in the office, to gardening, to cleaning gutters, to participating on committees and groups. 

We will learn a lot about ourselves and, in the end, come out with a new future. When we look back on 2018, I hope to see hundreds of footprints in the sand.

Jim George
Incoming Senior Warden