Take The CAT Survey

Happy is the home with at least one cat.
—Italian Proverb


Welcome the purrfect CAT into your home! The CAT assessment is ready and St. Andrew needs your feedback. 

The survey will run through Monday, April 9, 2018.

The CAT (Church Assessment Tool)  is an online survey you may use to confidentially advise the Search Committee regarding the future direction of this parish and communicate what is important to you regarding the leadership and spiritual qualities of our next Rector.

Quick and Easy to Complete

We encourage you to take this simple, yet valuable survey online. It should take no more than 20-25 minutes and can be done from your home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We encourage everyone who can take the survey online to do so via their home computer, with a tasty beverage in hand, and maybe with your favorite cat on your lap! Set aside an hour for yourself to reduce distractions, because while this is a quick and easy survey to complete, setting aside time will allow you to give it your undivided attention

Instructions and Guidelines

  • Each member of your household over age 16 is invited to participate.
  • Answer every question. The program will not track responses for the remainder of your survey if even one answer is left blank.
  • In some cases, you may feel that your opinions are not well informed, and you may need more information. Please go ahead and answer honestly, even if you think your opinion might change.
  • COMPLETE THE ASSESSMENT IN ONE SITTING. The program will not allow you to stop and return to finish later. If you do not believe you can complete the survey in one sitting, paper copies will be available in the church office.
  • Please designate one family member to respond to the Household Data questions. Other family members should select “Answered by other family member”.
  • Paper copies will be available in the Church office.  Please return to the Church office in a sealed envelope, marked “St. Andrew’s CAT Assessment” and place on Charles Pinkham’s desk.  All paper surveys must be returned by Thursday, April 5, 2018.

No INTERNET? No problem!

For those that do not have internet access at home, the Search Committee will host an opportunity for you to complete the survey in the Parish Library during the dates and times below. There will be two computers and members of the Search Committee available to answer your questions:

Saturday, March 24
We are open during Italian Feast! (Karen & Jim)

Sunday, March  25
9:00 am (Gordon & Lori); 11:00 am (Jim & Colleen)

Sunday, April 1
9:00 am (John & Rich); 11:00 am (Colleen & Charles)                  

Saturday, April 7
 6:00 pm (Rich & Karen)

Sunday, April 8
9:00 am (Rich); 11:00 am (Chris); 5:00 pm (Chris)

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The St. Andrew Search Committee

Photo: Andre Glechikoff