Survey Results Update

The magnitude and honesty of your response to taking the CAT assessment was amazing! 97% of us took the survey. The Vestry and Search Committee were both surprised by a few results and also anticipated some responses. There will be quite a bit to review as the Search Committee digests the results for the next week or two. We will meet with Fr. Conrado again to talk about meeting with small groups of members to further the discussion. We are looking at doing the small group discussions with you in the last few weeks of June.

As summer gets under way, we are hoping that we can hear from as many people within the Congregation as possible. We know that summer is a busy time for all, and your input remains important to the process of creating the Parish Profile that will be used in the search process.

Feel free to reach out to any member of the Search Committee, or email search@standrewsgrayslake.org with any questions you may have.