The Search is Over!

Welcome Father Carlton Kelley

It is with great excitement and much deliberation that the Search Committee makes its recommendation to call Father Carlton Kelley as our next rector of St. Andrew Grayslake. This was a challenging decision to make because the committee sincerely felt that we were presented with two very strong candidates that would each add value and their own unique set of talents. Both Father Kelley and Father LaFortune were able to demonstrate a willingness and energy to get to know St. Andrew's parishioners and parish life. Each asked thoughtful questions throughout the process, whether that was through email, Skype conversations or in-person visits to Grayslake. Through these conversations and interactions, the Search Committee was able to get to know each candidate and how each would best serve St. Andrew.

Our guide to understanding the needs of our congregation was rooted in responses from members to the all parish CAT survey taken last Spring, along with small group discussions following those trends that were identified in June. The survey and subsequent discussions helped us gather a collective goal to match a rector with St. Andrew's spirit of giving and inclusivity. We are looking for direction and leadership to identify new ministry opportunities in the community.

There is a need to grow St. Andrews by numbers, and yet keep the current service schedule in place. Our congregation is rooted in the traditions and practices of the liturgy through both Rite I and Rite II services, and it is important that our next Rector is well versed in liturgical practices. We are also searching someone who would represent the kind, welcoming and generous spirit we find at St. Andrew. We believe we have found these qualities in Father Carlton Kelley.

He brings over 35 years of leadership capabilities in a variety of roles within the Episcopal church. He provided leadership to a church in crisis, and he will not shy away from challenging conversations that are required for healing or comfort. His sermons are personal, intentional, and tie back to the liturgy of the week, along with perspective of the world around us. He has an openness and approachability that will match our church community. He will listen. He has an energy and level of interest in learning about the St. Andrew community, and we believe he will guide us in its growth and vitality in the years to come.

Jim Jobes, Colleen Rollins, Gordon Benson, Chris Goemans, Karen Heerdegen, Lori Miller, Richard Wagner, Jim Walsh
St. Andrew Search Committee