Thank you to all who helped for Holy Week and Easter

First, thank you to all who helped for any of the celebrations for Holy Week and Easter. I felt that it was a very special time this year, one celebrating some of our history as a parish. This month we continue to celebrate the season of Easter. Ascension Day is May 25. Please see the church chat the Saltire newsletter for an overview of this Holy Day.

In May the adult Sunday school will resume its study of the Old Testament Book of Zechariah. Sunday school will be completed for the Spring term on May 21 for the kids, and for the Adults. Thank you to all who taught or helped in any way. The youth group will sponsor an all parish trip on July 8th to a Kingfish baseball game in Kenosha. Sign up now for this fun event.

Monday May 29th is Memorial Day and I am planning to have our annual Memorial Day reading of the names of Soldiers lost in the past year in the service of our country and pray for all who have served at any time and now serve, with a Morning Prayer liturgy. The service will be at 10:30 am and will follow the parade which starts at 9:30am. Come and sit out front of the church for the parade which passes right by us and stay for this prayer of remembrance of all our service people. There will be a sign up to read closer to the time.

Watch for other special liturgical opportunities this summer as I have planned a July 9 and August 6 Morning prayer (with Eucharist) on Sundays and on July 29/30 a switch weekend where each service does the other liturgy (i.e. Rite I at 10:00 am etc.).

Ms. Mary’s Peppermint Stick Preschool will have a two-week summer school session in June from June 12-23 and is currently taking reservations for a July session. This year the graduation of her preschool is set for May 25th. If you have anyone graduating (any level) or if you have retired in this past year, please get these names into the office. For High School Seniors please include your college plans. We plan to honor all graduates and retirees at the June 3/4 ser vices with recognition and a special prayer. Have a safe and blessed spring!


Mother Jane+