I hope you have a wonderful and safe summer

I hope you have a wonderful and safe summer. Congratulations to all our graduates from every level of school and any retirees. Please see a later article detailing all we are aware of at the time of press.

Remember the Prayer Garden is always available for quiet and prayer time. We will have one of our coffee hour weekends after each service the weekend of June 24 and 25th. If it’s good weather, we will be outside in the prayer garden after each service. This month the Elijah’s Mantle Ministry is reminding us about the shoe drive on August 5th. We will need extra help the morning of the 5th so please sign up to help that morning or set up for it the day before when the sign-ups are posted. Look for an article later in this newsletter for a more complete update. We have quite a few shoes from last year left over so look for info from Elijah’s Mantle as to what is needed shoes and socks wise this year.

Liturgically this summer we have several things planned. June 11 is morning prayer led by Betty Garrett for the 8 and 10am services. July 29/30th is switch weekend with Rite I at 5pm and 10 am services and Rite II at the 8 am service. Also this summer I have scheduled on August 6th a Morning Prayer with communion at both the 8 and 10am services. Liturgy in the Park is scheduled for August 27th this year. More info about this in the August newsletter.

This year is the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation. I will be offering a fall series overview on the Reformation and the Anglican Reformation. Watch for more info on this upcoming series. Also, this fall the Adult Sunday School will do a 6-part series on Moses for the start of the Fall session.

I plan to go to the College for Congregational Development through the Diocese again this July. This is the second and final part. Thank you to the Vestry and all who participated in the two congregational projects I did after last year’s class. This year the school will be held at the Downtown Chicago Loyola Retreat Center and will occur from July 16 Sunday afternoon to Saturday July 22nd at 1pm.  

Have a blessed summer!

Mother Jane+