Returning to Non-Summer Life

August brings the preparation to return to non-summer life. School returns, summer vacations will be done by the end of the month, and at church we are preparing for fall programing and the return of Sunday school and Homecoming Weekend on September 16th and 17th. But we still have a few activities of the summer yet.

This month Elijah’s Mantle Ministry is reminding us about the shoe drive on August 5th. The regular Elijah’s Mantle “store” is on August 12th. We especially need a lot of extra help the morning of the 5th so please sign up to help that morning or set up for it the afternoon before. Thank you to all who have helped in any way for this worthy cause.

Remember the office hours when Charles is in are 9:00am-noon, Monday-Friday. I continue to take Friday as my day off but I am in and out the other four days of the week plus the weekend services and sometimes classes. Call first so I’m in when you come. I take some communions out and have meetings certain days. Please consider using the Prayer Garden for some of your quiet time and prayer time. It is beautiful and quite peaceful especially at this time of year. You can always access the prayer garden 24/7 from the gate that faces the alley.

A huge thank you to the building committee led by Junior Warden Jim George that accomplished our church painting project. A lot of research and bid comparison went into the decision. We hope to be able to financially tackle matching painting of the classroom addition and parish hall sections of the building in the coming years. The roof and gutters have also been repaired and the chimney relining work on the church and rectory have been done over the last few months. This work will prevent thousands of dollars of later repair costs and is part of the Vestry’s push to stay proactive and aware of any church maintenance needs. Thank your Vestry for their hard work when you see them.

I have been in major planning mode for the rest of the Pentecost and Advent Seasons. For a peek at the classes and events in the upcoming months please take a look at the calendar.

Please have a wonderful, safe and blessed time the rest of your summer. Take some time to pray and let’s all pray for peace and an end to the violence we have seen this summer.

Mother Jane+