Youth Group

For 5th Grade Through High School

The St. Andrew Youth Group encourages children from 5th grade to high school to join in our yearly activities. The Youth Group this year is learning about Joseph using Adam Hamilton’s book Faithful: Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph as a guide. Though Joseph is the “father” of Jesus, he is rarely mentioned in the Bible. In this study, we learning that we can understand more about Joseph, by looking at Jesus.

We have also taken over a new room in the church office building, so we are having fun painting, decorating, and making the room ours. While doing this, we are learning that decisions are not always easy, when there is a group to make them, but we are learning how to compromise to make our room ours.

Later this year we will learn about John, and we will discuss the religious aspect of board games.

If you are interested in joining us, please join us every Sunday at 9:00am in the Basement of the Church Office building.

Contact Jim George: youthgroup@standrewsgrayslake.org